Senator Chandler addresses the lie of females having testicular problems

Senator Claire Chandler has addressed the fraudulent and cruel practice of Australian doctors treating females for a “testicular” disorder.

Everyone, especially doctors, know that females do not have testicles.

Yet doctors are lying and deceiving young women into treatments for gender dysphoria that can wreak havoc on their minds and bodies with irreversible consequences. They are using loopholes to steal tax-payer funds for girls with ‘testicular’ disorders.

It is absolutely incredible that Senator Chandler had to make this known in the federal senate. It is all based on a lie, females do not have testicles. The taxpayer is being cheated out of a lot of money while girls are suffering unspeakable harm at the hands of these rogue practitioners.

I’ve obtained Health Department data showing doctors are recording thousands of Australian women and girls as having testicular disorders in order to get taxpayers to subsidise testosterone.

Thousands of young women and girls are being exposed to lifelong consequences and irreversible damage. 

That’s why it’s so important to collect the evidence that it was all based on a lie.

Watch her full speech here.

How on earth can we be expected to trust a government that allows these doctors to perform such dangerous treatments? 

How can we trust a health system that denies reality, rejects science and goes to great lengths to appease a dangerous ideology at the expense of women?