Senator Alex Antic’s bill to protect children

Liberal Senator for South Australia, Alex Antic, has introduced a private member’s bill to save children from catastrophic, irreversible harm done by medical practitioners in the name of gender ideology.

Antic quoted from the Convention on the Rights of the Child to back up his move to protect children from permanent and harmful practices.

He also notes that an increasing number of other countries and states are banning such treatments on minors for their protection.

The lessons learned from various jurisdictions around the world are clear; the proliferation of puberty blocking and altering drugs, gender transition surgeries and other forms of clinical interventions designed to transitions the biological sex of minors will lead to an epidemic of de-transitioners who have been irreparably harmed by these procedures during their childhood. 

To not legislate on this issue, and to allow a future generation of young adults be irreparably harmed during their childhood by unethical and unnecessary gender clinical interventions this Bill prohibits if a failure by the Commonwealth to discharge its obligation.

The intention of this Bill is to prohibit health practitioners from performing gender clinical interventions which are intended to transition a minor’s biological sex, subject to limited and medically verifiable and necessary exemptions.

The bill specifically seeks to protect children from medicalised pathways that can lead to permanent harm that children cannot possibly consent to.

Clause 8 - Health practitioners may not provide gender clinical interventions intended to transition a minor’s biological sex 

Subclause 8(1) provides that a health practitioner must not knowingly provide gender clinical interventions to a minor that are intended to transition the minor’s biological sex as determined by the child’s sex organs, chromosomes, and endogenous profiles. 

Subclause 8(2) provides that without limiting subclause 8(1), gender clinical interventions that are intended to transition the minor’s biological sex include:

(a)        performing a surgery that sterilises the minor, including: 

                        (i)         castration;

                        (ii)        vasectomy;

                        (iii)       hysterectomy;

                        (iv)       oophorectomy;

                        (v)        metoidioplasty;

                        (vi)       orchiectomy;

                        (vii)      penectomy;

                        (viii)     phalloplasty; and

                        (ix)       vaginoplasty; 

      (b)        performing a mastectomy;

      (c)        providing, prescribing, administering or dispensing any of the following prescription drugs that induce transient or permanent infertility:

                         (i)         a puberty suppression or blocking prescription drugs to stop or delay normal puberty;

                        (ii)        a supraphysiologic doses of testosterone to females;

                        (iii)       supraphysiologic doses of estrogen to males;

     (d)       removing any otherwise healthy or non diseased body part or tissue.

Failure to comply could see medical practitioners deregistered with a loss of licence.

Children cannot possibly consent to treatments that will leave them sterile, without sexual function and a plethora of other lifelong medical issues.

This bill will go a long way towards protecting our most vulnerable citizens.

Please contact the Senators in your state and ask them to support this important bill to protect children from irreversible, catastrophic, permanent harm.