Running club will awards males or females only

The West Australian Marathon Club has made a fantastic decision regarding transgender participants. It is fair and inclusive, but will no doubt earn them the ire of activists who are never satisfied.

After being challenged to expand their categories beyond the binary of male and female they decided to allow for non-binary and transgender participants but awards will only be given “to people who registered as male or female”.

Those who preferred not to say would only have “their time and overall position displayed in the event results”, club president Michael Le Page said in the message.

“Our events will no longer segregate by gender and will instead categorise by birth sex, also allowing participants to omit this option should they wish,” he wrote.

The West Australian newspaper revealed its bias by gushing over the Australian Human Rights Commission’s inclusion policy, which says sporting bodies should prefer gender identity over biological reality where possible.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, celebrated the move.

“This is exactly what should happen in sport,” she said.

“Anyone can participate, but not everyone should get a prize.

“Biology matters. There should be male and female categories and if necessary, a third ‘open’ or ‘mixed’ category. This ensures safety, fairness and dignity for women and girls while allowing everyone to play.”