Religious schools will be forced to embrace transgender ideology

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has released a paper that seems intent on destroying religious schooling in Australia.

Christian, Jewish and Muslim schools will be forced to teach LGBT ideology contrary to their religious beliefs.

“Religious Educational Institutions and Anti-Discrimination Laws” recommends removing religious freedom by replacing it with state dogma. Protections and ‘fences’ will be removed, forcing schools to teach and accept LGBT ideology as fact.

The “fences” protecting these bodies from being forced to conform to majority views on sexual behaviour and identity (and hence losing their distinctiveness as religious bodies) are to be knocked down, the ALRC says. But the paper offers no convincing reasons for this wholesale demolition of a structure which has served the diversity and plurality of the Australian community for many years. Rather than supporting “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”, the paper’s recommendations would require a compulsory uniformity which would undermine the reasons for the existence of faith-based educational institutions.

Balancing clauses that have, until now, allowed religious schools and colleges to operate in accordance with their faith, are to be abolished.

The propositions require the schools, even religious studies classes, to include ‘alternative views’ and staff cannot be restricted in any way regardless of their sexual orientation or identity. They will even be forced to facilitate students' social transition by accepting name changes, uniform preferences and pronouns.

A school can apply “reasonable uniform requirements'' as long as “adjustments could be made to accommodate transgender or gender diverse students”. Many religious schools (and many schools which are not religious) see major problems with allowing a “social transition” where there are likely many other issues involved. Many religious schools would have a strong view that a person’s sexual identity is fixed at conception and cannot change. Indeed, this passing comment by the Commission raises a whole range of issues, including the fundamental question which has not yet been resolved by the courts, as to whether a refusal to recognise a social transition by uniform or bathroom policies, does actually amount to discrimination on gender identity grounds.

No one can change their sex. It is impossible.

Sex is written on every single cell in a person’s body. Yet these recommendations will force schools to deny science, and abandon the distinctive beliefs that set them apart from secular institutions.

These practices and attitudes will impose the lie that people can change sex. It will put students in harm's way as social transitioning mostly leads to medical and surgical interventions that are irreversible and destructive.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said these recommendations are harmful and sinister.

“The ALRC are effectively removing religious freedom and parental rights in one move.

The blatant disregard for science, biological reality and the well being of students is staggering.

“The conflation of sex and gender, orientations and identities is preposterous.”

Ms Smith said the state was out-of-control, overreaching into family life, religious life and education.

“This will cause a massive explosion in families choosing to home schooling and the diminishing of faith-based schooling,” she said.

“Parents, churches, synagogues and mosques must speak out or they will have to surrender to the state and lose all that distinguishes them.”