Rape crisis worker unfairly discriminated against

News of an encouraging victory has emerged from Scotland. After a three year process a tribunal “found that Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre had unlawfully discriminated against Roz Adams, saying that management had conducted a ‘heresy hunt’ against her.”

Her supposed crime was to question policy surrounding a person’s sex rather than gender identity.

Ms Adams said the ruling had made “three years of struggle worthwhile".

She told BBC News: "For me it was dystopian, it was the strangest experience. I’ve never come across any other topic where to ask to talk about it and ask to find solutions that work for everybody is seen as hateful."

Ms Adams said she thought there was a large number of people working in the sector who are "fearful" of talking about gender identity and the privacy of staff.

"People don’t want to go through what I’ve been through understandably so they won’t speak up," she said.

Ms Adams simply believed that victims of rape should have the ability to know the sex of the staff worker who would be supporting them.

"Her belief was that whilst in most circumstances the distinction between biological sex and gender identity did not matter that in a service dealing with sexual violence the respondent should be honest and clear when asked to give a clear and unambiguous answer in order to provide that service users give informed consent."

The centre reportedly kept a file of “bigots” who are gender critical in a folder called "hate emails".

Ms Adams was accused of being potentially transphobic and ordered to attend re-education. Unsurprisingly,  the centre's chief executive officer Mridul Wadhwa is a male who appropriates womanhood.

In most instances it is not necessary to discriminate against someone because of how they identify. But when it comes to female sex-based services, sport and spaces there is a great need to exclude males.

This should not be contentious or difficult.

Males are not females and never can be.

Women deserve sex-based protections and it is encouraging that people like Ms Adams have taken on the system and won.