Questioning the transgender trend

Reports are emerging that the transgender trend needs to undergo some serious analysis.

The rapid rise of children being referred for treatment, along with the extreme activism surrounding the issue, is causing some health care professionals to urge caution.

The Times has reported, “England’s only NHS gender clinic for children is exposing young patients to ‘long-term damage’ because of its ‘inability to stand up to the pressure’ from ‘highly politicised’ campaigners and families demanding fast-track gender transition, some of its own doctors say.”

In the UK it is estimated that child referrals have increased by 700% in the past 5 years.

The Times also noted, “Some staff have ‘very serious ethical concerns’ about children making life-changing decisions with ‘inadequate’ examination and consent.”

The report also referred to children being coached by their parents and peer group pressure.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, is pleased that some health care professionals are raising these concerns. “Biological science has been minimised or ignored too much regarding transgender activism. Children’s lives are precious and far more consideration must be given to this politically charged, ideologically driven agenda.”

Smith added, “Long-term studies are few and far between. It is clear that some of the medical and surgical procedures are permanent and irreversible. Far more research and time needs to go in to solutions and care for gender dysphoric youth. If not the consequences will be catastrophic for these young people.”