Queensland inquiry into changes on birth certificates

Submissions are now open for the Inquiry into the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Bill 2022 Queensland.

The Bill aims to allow people to change the facts surrounding their birth, but only selected facts.

The proposed bill will allow applicants to self-identify as whatever sex they feel like.

They can’t change their age or date of birth, because, well, that would be wrong. Wouldn’t it?

I mean, you might be 50 but only feel like you're 21. Apparently, those feelings don’t count.

The funny thing is, a 50-year-old does know what it feels like to be 21 because they have experienced it before. A man however has no idea what it feels like to be a woman, because he has never been one.

Queensland Labor, however, think it is ok to change the documented reality of your sex at birth if you feel like something you have never been or ever could become!

Queenslanders won’t be able to change the names of their parents, you know, if they don’t like them, or feel like they belong in a different family.

If they feel like they belong in a different body though, hey go for it! No proof or evidence needed, feelings are enough for a man to invade women and girls’ private spaces and services.

Queenslanders can’t change their ethnicity though, because to appropriate culture or race would be, well, racist. You have to accept the colour of your skin but if you want to pretend you were born with different genitals then go for it!

You might feel like a person with a different skin colour, but you will just have to deal with it because those feelings don’t count.

Attorney General Shannon Fentiman refuses to meet with women or groups who are concerned about the feelings that may cause some men to self-identify as women. She doesn’t appear to have much regard for democracy and the consultation process.

Despite her unwillingness to listen to, or meet with constituents about this very concerning issue, you have the opportunity to have your say.

Please take a few minutes to let the Queensland government know what you think about the proposed self-identification laws by clicking this link.

Share with them the facts and the risk this will pose to women and girls.

Your voice does count.