Powerful submission regarding changing sex on birth certificates in Queensland

Kat Karena from Active Watchful Waiting has delivered a powerful presentation to the Legal Affairs and Safety Committee in Queensland. The public hearing is related to the proposed self-identification for transgender people in Queensland.

Active Watchful Waiting is a group of parents, teachers, detransitioners, transsexuals, members of the LGB community and health professionals all concerned with the aggressive “affirmation only” approach taken by gender clinics in Australia.

Despite the diversity of the group they are all united in their position on gender ideology. They are opposed to self-identification and changes to historical facts regarding sex on birth certificates.

“Despite our differences and diversity what unites us is our deep concern at the pipelining of young people onto the conveyor belt of products and services that underpins the profits of the gender affirmation industry,” Kat Karena told the hearing.

“The major profiteers of this industry being the medical and pharmaceutical organisations.

“The major brand of this organisation is gender identity, to be your “authentic self” by a product line of drugs and surgeries.

“Its core target market is the youth, LGB, Autistic, vulnerable youth with mental health comorbidities and young girls susceptible to social influences and contagion.

Karena said the bill is part of the social transitioning process and is also complicit with conversion therapy that aims to convert LGB young people to transgender.

Social transitioning begins with documentation and facilitates later medical and surgical interventions. It undoubtedly leads to a lifetime of pharmaceutical dependence. The side effects listed by Karena were horrifying.

She noted that changing documentation, such as birth certificates, “falsifies the child’s sex.” As Karena stated it is not “affirming” a transgender identity but “creating” one.

Statistics show that if children do not socially transition the large majority will grow out of their incongruence once through puberty.

Karena summed up her presentation by asserting that once children are on the socially transitioning pathway they are worth up to $250,000 to the industry.

“If you go the old way, which had them come through puberty, intact, and accepting of themselves, the whole of themself, not just the sliver of themselves that gender is only a part of, then you’ve got no money. There’s no money from that. But a subscription model with a conversion therapy process, that money is for their whole life.

“We will make sure, these people who are a part of this process, will be sued. We will fight to the teeth for a Royal Commission on this. We will fight to the teeth for a Parliamentary inquiry on this on what’s been happening with these children. And this hiding of what’s going on. It’s wrong!” Karena asserted.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said the proposed bill must be opposed at all levels.

“Changing historical facts regarding sex is dangerous for women and children,” she said.

“It is not about inclusion and acceptance at all. It is about the protection and promotion of an industry that harms children and puts women at risk.

“It must be exposed and challenged.

“Well done to Watchful Waiting for their submission and continual action in this space.”