Phalloplasty show and tell

Taxpayer and ratepayer sponsored trans activism has gone up a notch in Victoria, with an abdominal phalloplasty show and tell event planned for Carlton.

The special event will show off the surgical scars of a woman appropriating manhood.

An abdominal phalloplasty, also called the supra-pubic phalloplasty, is a surgical procedure that mimics a penis. It is not a real penis. It is tissue taken from the stomach that will have tactile, but not erotic sensation. The clitoris can remain, buried, and in some cases can still be stimulated.

Sometimes men who are injured have the need to undergo this procedure, but some women appropriating manhood are electing voluntarily to have flesh taken from their forearm for the procedure.

The special event features a content warning as there will be “nudity (genital pre and post operatively) surgical wounds and discussions of finances.”

The session will cover information for surgical access from consults, hospital and post operative care as well as showing the surgical outcomes to date.

You will be welcome to ask questions anonymously through the Slido app and we ask that you come prepared with any questions you may have.

This event is open to anyone with interest in phalloplasty within Australia and their partners.

There will be a support person onsite for any attendees should it be required but we strongly recommend you arrange your own post attendance support to follow in with if you feel you may be impacted around the session.     

There will be follow up sessions after Stage 2 and 3 if community interest indicates.

No age limit is posted on the ticket event page, but attendees do require a password to access a ticket.

It is listed by “Community Organiser” but no other details indicate who is hosting or funding the event.

The venue is Drummond Street Services, which boasts a “Queer” space and “youth” services, and it is taxpayer and ratepayer funded.