NZ Prime Minister’s embarrassing fumble

New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins doesn’t know what a woman is. How on earth can he be responsible for leading a nation if he can’t define half the population? 

The PM was asked by a reporter, twice, to have a go at it. Both times the PM looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

It is a simple, and fundamental question.

All cultures, throughout all of history have had a plain and simple way for defining the obvious differences between men and women. Men have a penis, women do not.

In addition, if more details are required males produce small gametes via a male reproductive system, have a different bone structure to women, contain twice the fast twitch muscle fibres, generally have a larger heart and lung capacity, more blood volume and xy is written on every single cell in their body.

It is not rocket science, it is biology 101.

When asked to define the term woman he paused, for a long time, before offering up an embarrassing statement to the effect that he couldn’t possibly answer such a difficult question without preparation.

" be honest that question has come slightly out of left field for me," a stumped Mr Hipkins replied. 

"Well biology, sex, gender. Um."

"People define themselves, people define their own genders".  

When pressed further on the definition of the term Mr Hipkins doubled down, replying “people identity for themselves”.

“I wasn’t expecting that question, so it wasn’t something I pre-formulated an answer on. But in terms of gender identity, people identify for themselves,” he reiterated.

What utter nonsense. What a terrible embarrassment his response was to the office of Prime Minister. This is exactly what happens when people try to appease a radical ideology based on fantasy instead of facts.

You can watch his painful performance here and enjoy James Macpherson’s witty take on it as well.