NSW local councillors to promote Drag Queen story times

At a recent Local Government NSW conference, the City of Sydney Council put forward a motion to support “councils to facilitate community-driven safety solutions to ensure that drag story time and similar events can take place at council facilities safely for performers and attendees”.

The “Support for Drag Story Time Events in Local Government” motion was passed by a majority of delegates at the annual conference held at Rosehill in Sydney earlier this week.

The motion also called for councils to ensure that drag performers receive payments in full for events that are cancelled.

The conference also passed a motion by Parramatta Council to require all new toilets and change-rooms in parks and playing fields in NSW be “gender neutral”.

Some councillors objected while others claimed the motion supports fun and literacy development.

Note that Drag Queens are promoting ‘sexual’ orientations and ‘sexual’ identities to children. It is never appropriate for councils to spend rate payer dollars on the promotion of anything sexual to minors.

It is alarming that elected councillors think ‘sexual’ content should be promoted to children at all, let alone at the rate payers’ expense.

Drag Queens are male performers making a mockery of hypersexualised female stereotypes. “Womanface” is offensive and not an appropriate caricature for children to be exposed to. If adults want to watch them perform they can do so at adult bars and clubs.