NSW Judge makes a ruling about an offender and ‘her penis’

The District Court of NSW has published a judgement on its website about a sex offender who exposed “her penis” to a teenage boy in public toilets.

The offender, Khadir Kamoun, is referred to by the judge as both “he” and “she.” Reading the document requires mental gymnastics and a suspension of reality.

So is Kamoun male or female? These paragraphs refer to the offender as “she/her” and claims “her penis” was exposed.

Further along in the document the judge goes back to referring to Kamoun as “he” in one paragraph then “her” in the following paragraph.

The entire document makes a mockery of reality. This man committed a very serious crime. Exposing his penis to a teenage boy is something only a male can do.

Women do not have penises!

Aren’t courts supposed to uphold truth, facts, reality and evidence? Referring to males as she/her is just nonsensical!

It is also incredibly insulting and offensive to victims who have had to endure crimes against them by males with penises.

Women do not have penises!

It is ludicrous to say transwomen are women except when it comes to incarcerating them. The court has proven they know he is male by making sure he served his sentence in the male section of the prison. So is he a man or a woman?

The language used by the judge suggests he is sometimes a man, sometimes a woman. It is embarrassing to see how a judge is prepared to suspend reality for the sake of this criminal’s feelings, completely disregarding the feelings of the victim who was confronted by a male with a penis.

The judge knows, the victim knows, the offender knows, everyone knows – a woman does not have a penis!

How traumatic for anyone facing court in NSW or pretty much any state in Australia. A court is meant to uphold truth and justice according to facts.

Instead there is absolutely no guarantee that is what you will get.