NSW Health denies science and reality

NSW Health recently released a “Framework for the Specialist Trans and Gender Diverse Health Service for People Under 25 Years.”

It denies science and elevates feelings above facts, and puts young people in harm’s way.

Guidelines issued by NSW Health ought to be underpinned by evidence-based science. However, this department of unelected bureaucrats is making policy decisions for NSW residents about health based on ideology.

No one can change their sex. It is impossible. Yet the “health” department isn’t interested in reality or facts. These guidelines assume it is better to lie to gender confused young people than support them to accept the truth about their sex and gender.

This policy encourages the use of make-believe pronouns such as hu, fae, ey, ze, zir and hir. Enforcing this nonsense on health care providers equates to compelled speech. He/him, her/she are factual terms that communicate necessary information in dealing with physiological realities that impact health care. 

There’s no need to refer to personality types or preferences when dealing with such matters.

In the document, bureaucrats claim that: 

Providing access to gender affirming treatments, care and support can improve 

the mental health and wellbeing of trans and gender diverse people and is shown to be a protective factor against suicidality.

This is the exact opposite of what some studies have found. 

For example, in this Swedish study, the risk of suicide was found to be nineteen times more likely after a gender transition than before. 

It is also claimed within the document that:

An evidence-informed statewide model of care coordinates the delivery of high quality, safe, inclusive and responsive gender affirming care to young people.

Evidence from the Cass review in the UK, and research conducted in other countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland has led these countries to the conclusion that minors should not have access to puberty blockers, cross sex hormones or surgery. Evidence proves that no one can change their sex. Evidence proves that costumes, pronouns, drugs and surgery are simply lies employed to try and convince people a person has transitioned to another sex.

The NSW policy also allows health practitioners to deceive parents and usurp their rights if they deem it necessary: 

Involvement of parents or legal guardian(s) is essential throughout the journey 

for young people aged under 18 years. Referral to appropriate support services 

is provided to young people without parental or guardian consent.

The guidelines use words like “consent” but there is no mention of the fact that children cannot possibly consent to sterility, zero sexual function, bone and brain development issues and more. Will health practitioners have to come clean and inform potential patients of the horrors endured by detransitioners and desisters?

The guidelines use sanitised and euphemistic language to infer that there are side effects to puberty blockers and cross sex hormones, including measures such as “fertility preservation.” However the advice given does not convey the permanent and catastrophic nature of such pathways:

Provision of standardised fertility preservation information prior to commencement of puberty suppression (GnRH) and gender affirming (sex) hormones. Referral pathways for fertility preservation as required.

The reality is that following the advice provided in this policy document from NSW Health will create life-long medical patients who will never achieve their fantasy of transitioning to the opposite sex, but will always need medication and visits to maintain the charade:

  • Ongoing monitoring and support is required, particularly for those accessing hormone treatments.
  • Monitoring includes monitoring of bone health for those on puberty suppression (GnRH) treatment, and also at key transition points, for example from puberty suppression (GnRH) to gender affirming (sex) hormones. 
  • People may continue to need access to specialist care over their lifespan. Further work will be carried out under the NSW LGBTIQ+ Health Strategy to establish a holistic gender affirming care pathway for people aged over 25.
  • Shared care models with primary care and health service providers will support monitoring and support. GPs will be provided information and support by the TGD Health Service to facilitate shared care.

Activist organisations such as The Gender Centre, Twenty10, ACON and Equality Australia are named to receive millions of dollars in funding.

These guidelines, issued by a department of “health”, should be grounded in evidence-based science. They are not. They are ideologically driven and are very disturbing. It is crucial that Alex Greenwich and Labor’s attempts to introduce laws to make this the only pathway for youth are opposed at every opportunity.