New website for whistleblowers

Federal Senator Alex Antic has been a consistent champion pushing back against the sexualization of children in schools along with other ideological issues being rammed down our children’s throats.

Now, the South Australian Senator has launched a new website for whistleblowers.

The new website allows parents, school staff and students to inform the Senator of what is really going on. Contributions can be made anonymously, and the Senator promises to expose the woke agenda in parliament on our behalf.

During the last Parliamentary sitting period I spoke in the Senate about a woke social credit scheme being run in a South Australian public school.

The fact is that many schools in our state and across the country have become woefully “woke,” as the left’s long march through the institutions has been very successful.

Some state schools appear to be training our kids in left-wing, identity-politics activism with a false view of Australian history that shames our heritage, and they are bombarded with Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity propaganda.

Many parents either don’t know what their kids are being taught or even worse, might be too scared to raise it if they do.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith applauded Senator Antic.

“For too long concerned parents and citizens have been ostracised or threatened with cancellation if they speak out,” she said.

“I’m grateful to Senator Antic for taking this step to help people blow the whistle on this harmful practices.

“I encourage those concerned to send details to Senator Antic of inappropriate books, concerning lesson content, harmful practices by school staff and other materials that are of concern.”