New Queensland law allows the rewriting of history and denies biological facts

The Queensland Labor government has passed laws erasing the meaning of the words “man” and “woman.”

This brings the state into line with Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory and ACT where a person can re-write historical facts and deny biological reality.

Queenslanders can now legally change the historical facts of their birth according to their feelings. If a man appropriates female stereotypes, he can now legally change his name, and the fact of being born male, on his birth certificate.

No doctor’s authority, no surgery, not even any drugs if he doesn’t want to. Just feelings.

He can use that rewriting of historical facts to demand access to women’s spaces and services and sports without being challenged.

He can join the countless males around the world taking advantage of such laws to play in female sporting divisions, be housed in female prisons and enter female change rooms.

Addressing the parliament, Attorney General Shannon Fentiman reaffirmed her belief that “anyone who identifies as a woman is a woman.”

The statement doesn’t even make sense. How can you identify as a woman if you can’t tell us what a woman is?

If a man has to identify as a woman, isn’t that evidence enough he is not a woman?

Not one journalist seems to have the intelligence or courage to ask the simple questions.

This new law puts the safety, dignity and privacy of women at risk.

Labor MP Nikki Boyd told the parliament that such claims border on hysterical and there is no evidence for such claims.

Boyd, and others, made these false statements despite several submissions proving otherwise. Rachel Wong of Women’s Forum Australia, along with Giggle’s Sall Grover, submitted a 17-page document with many examples of males who appropriate womanhood behaving very badly, causing harm to women.

There is page after page of examples from Australia and overseas, yet the MP’s conveniently ignored the evidence and made deliberately misleading statements to the contrary.

Self-identification laws don’t change reality. We can all still see that males who appropriate female stereotypes are still male. No amount of name changing, dressing up, pill popping or chopping off bits will change the facts.

The Queensland Labor government has simply passed a law compelling people to lie while allowing the rewriting of history and denial of biological facts.