New Australian soccer and gymnastics policies are anti-girls

Football NSW released its new gender guidelines on Friday. The guidelines and the explanatory note to the guidelines are anti-women, anti-truth and contradictory.

The webpage begins with:

Football NSW is committed to supporting the inclusion of gender diverse people in Football and understands this requires an appropriate balance to be reached between the interests of inclusion and ensuring a fair and safe competition for all.

It is an outright lie. This policy is not fair or safe for females at all. 

Football NSW will not only go along with the lie that males can become female, but they will also penalise anyone who objects.

The new requirements mean males must drop their testosterone levels to under 2.4 nmoles/l for a period of 2 years prior to registration.

The thing is, lowering testosterone does not magically change a male into a female. The male can still have his genitalia intact, and he can still enjoy all the benefits of being male such as greater heart/lung capacity, larger hands and feet, greater fast twitch muscle fibres, larger skeletal frame and a more advantageous muscle to fat ratio.

The new policy will exclude males with male levels of testosterone from elite levels but embrace them at community level. Either transwomen are women or they are not. It seems Football NSW can’t make up their mind about it.

According to the policy if a male wants to play in the women's team at community level, he is considered female.   

However, once he becomes elite, he is suddenly a male who has to lower his testosterone and is no longer accepted as a woman just because he says so.   

Football NSW can’t answer the question “What is the point of having a female competition if males can participate in it?” They block anyone who asks such questions. 

The policy itself also suggests that objecting to males in female teams will probably be considered “vexatious or frivolous” and it “may amount to harassment and be dealt with as such in accordance with applicable FNSW policies.”

The announcement comes hot on the heels of Gymnastics Australia changing their guidelines to allow males in female competitions and change rooms.

Thanks to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), women and girls have to just shut up and accept males in their spaces and sport because the policy makers would rather promote and protect males who wish they were women than actual women.

The AIS and the majority of sporting organisations in this country are deciding who gets to be called a ‘woman’. To them, sometimes transwomen are women, and when it doesn’t suit, they are not.