New Ambassador for Gender Equality releases Twitter video

Australian Ambassador for Gender Equality, Stephanie Copus Campbell, has released a video describing her role on Twitter.

In the tweet on February 8 she wrote,

I am honoured to be Australia’s new Ambassador for Gender Equality.

I look forward to promoting 🇦🇺’s commitment to gender equality and the human rights of women and girls, and persons of diverse gender identities.

During the video she promises to listen and act for women, girls and gender diverse people. So, anyone really. It is meaningless to say women and children when she actually means men as well. Exactly how she is going to advocate for people is yet to be seen.

“In this role I am committed to listening to those who are dedicated to promoting gender equality and learning about the perspectives and priorities of communities and countries in our region and globally.

Promoting gender equality is the right thing to do but it is also the smart thing to do.  It is central to Australia’s economic, diplomatic development and regional security as well as our international engagement.”

Campbell goes on to say she will work to promote the Australian governments priorities to promote and support women and girls by empowering them for development and leadership. She also mentioned sexual and gender-based violence, education and health.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith replied, “If you can’t define the term ‘woman’ you can’t protect or promote women. Men are not women. It is a cruel lie to say men can be women. Extremely unkind and dangerous.”

Others piled on the video asking how the Ambassador intends to protect women if men can be women.

Very few believe she will listen at all.

Sall Grover asked, “And what is your specific plan to protect women & girls rights to female spaces & sport alongside those of “persons of diverse gender identities”, obviously with the understanding that no human being has ever changed sex & therefore sex-based rights for females remain relevant?”

Kellie-Jay Keen, who is headed to Australia in March tweeted, “Can you both champion women and girls AND men who call themselves women who want access to the safe spaces, sports, rights, refuges, shelters, and groups set up for women and girls?”

Women Exist noted, “Your job is at cross purposes. You cannot support the #boundary rights of women and children while giving extra rights to gender believers.”