Moira Deeming’s motion voted down 21-16

The Victorian government confirmed how out of touch they really are this week by opposing Moira Deeming’s motion to conduct an inquiry into medicalised gender affirmation practices on minors.

The motion was carefully worded and sought to ensure children are receiving evidenced-based care for gender identity issues. 

Deeming’s opening remarks made it clear that decisions need to be made according to scientific studies, not ideological positions.

It is an undisputed fact that the medicalised gender affirmation practices which have been mandated in Victoria have been abandoned in multiple jurisdictions all around the world, and that is because of two simple reasons:

The lack of high quality and long-term evidence that they actually deliver the promised benefits and

The mounting international evidence that real harm is already being done to children that is long term, catastrophic and irreversible.

The Labor members, along with the Greens, only offered personal attacks, name-calling and insults in response.

Surprisingly, the Liberal Party who had expelled Moira Deeming earlier this year after falsely labelling her a Nazi-sympathiser, backed the motion.

Bev McArthur MP, from the Liberal Party, supported the motion. McArthur has been a long time advocate on this issue and a staunch supporter of Deeming despite the Liberal party leadership’s despicable behaviour.

It is legally questionable, medically irresponsible and morally repugnant to reduce the influence of parents and medical professionals in this process and to accept the inadequate consent of children. 

If you think we are managing this process magnificently in this state, then you have nothing to fear from an inquiry.

Georgie Crozier MP, also from the Liberal Party, spoke to the motion:

Is the legislation that was put into this place a few years ago – The Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill – is it actually working to assist people?...I’m particularly interested in what an inquiry would do to see if this legislation is actually working. Is it doing what it is supposed to be doing?

This House does a lot of inquiries and I don’t see why this sensitive, complex issue shouldn’t be looked into either.

Libertarian, David Limbrick delivered a powerful speech, criticising the government's conduct during the debate. He noted that long term studies are few and far between and that the evidence from the UK Cass review clearly points to a pause and probably a redirect. He noted that countries such as the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and many states in the USA have all ceased issuing puberty blockers to minors.

“I question the motives of anyone that would oppose an inquiry,” Limbrick told the parliament.

He asked if there is nothing to hide, why are they trying so hard to silence debate?

He acknowledged detransitioners such as Mel Jeffries and Lee Hazel – who were present in the gallery for the debate – had been irreversibly harmed by ‘affirmation-only” style practices.

He also noted the inquiry is, “not about anti-trans; it is about medical harm being done.”

I question the motives of anyone that would oppose an inquiry.

Moira Deeming’s closing remarks are worth watching.

She summed up the disappointing debate perfectly.

In a scathing smackdown she called out the Labor and Greens opponents who spent all their time talking about themselves and their friends.

It is not about you, it is about children, and what they deserve. What they deserve is evidence-based care. That is not what they are getting in Victoria. 

The personal attacks have absolutely nothing to do with what is best for children.

This has nothing to do with their sexuality. It is about evidence-based care. 

Your view would have been proven correct, or mine would have.

Her final remarks echoed the words of thousands of young people asking, “Why would you let us make this decision that is catastrophic, irreversible and permanent.”

Watch all the speeches here.