Moira Deeming continues her pursuit of justice for women

Victorian Liberal MP, Moira Deeming, is set to issue Liberal leader John Pesutto with a third concerns notice after the MP refused mediation or to issue an apology for horrendous slurs he made. Pesutto falsely branded Moira and other women who attended the Let Women Speak event as “nazi-sympathizers.”

Deeming said the treatment he has engaged in has been “absolutely horrendous” and she has been forced to take legal action.

“It’s just not something that I can let stand; I wasn’t raised to let this kind of injustice happen to myself or to anyone else,” Ms Deeming told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“There just comes a point in time where if you’ve got no other options, you do have to take legal action, and that’s unfortunately where I am at.”

Kellie-Jay Keen, organiser of the event is also set to sue.

It is beyond comprehension that the state opposition leader believes he can get away with harmful smears that are based on utter lies. Moira Deeming is standing up for women everywhere in undertaking this legal action. It is unacceptable for a male leader to disparage women for speaking about sex-based rights and realities.

Watch the full interview here.