Making a mockery of female athletes

Yet another male is making a mockery of female athletes.

Canadian women have lost their places in running after a male has stolen 1st place in numerous competitions.

Tiffany Newell, 50, has now placed first in the women’s indoor 1500 meter running competition for women aged 50-54, which was held in Toronto, Ontario this past week. This is Newell’s latest victory and has added to his long list of first-place rankings and records in women’s running competitions.

On January 8, Newell took the top spot in the women’s 3000 meter for women aged 45-49 at the Winter Mini Meet, and would rank first in the women’s 5000 meter for women aged 45-49 just days later.

He then went on to rank first in the 1500 meter for women aged 45-49 on February 5, and, following a birthday which placed him in a new age category, ranked first in the 1500 meter in the category for women aged 50-54 in a competition held from February 23 to February 26 in Toronto.

The male runner is now set to steal the 5000m title from Maria Zambrano. Incredibly, Canadian Masters Athletics is recording his wins as record-breaking in female categories.

He rejects the suggestion of an open category because he wants to hold the female titles as his own.

“The policy makes sense for non-binary athletes, but I don’t feel comfortable racing against men. It categorizes me in the sex I am not identified as,” Newell said. “I am a woman, and I feel most comfortable racing against women or other transgender women. I believe an open category can work if athletes can continue to race against athletes of the same gender.”

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said his attitude is selfish and based on a lie.

“A male does not become female because of feelings, costumes, drugs or surgery,” she said.

“He is a male regardless of what he says about himself.

“Why should his ‘comfort’ be superior to the comfort of women forced to concede victories that don’t belong to him?

“It is unfair and incredibly offensive.”