Lyle Shelton wins drag queen case

Lyle Shelton has won his case against two drag queens in The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

After almost three years, and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, the victory is a start, but it certainly isn’t the end.

This is a win for the vulnerable children I was seeking to defend against LGBTIQA+ gender fluid and radical sexual indoctrination of them through events like drag queen story time.

It is a win against those political activists who seek to suppress freedom of speech in our nation.

No Australian should ever again be dragged through a three-year legal ordeal costing more than $250,000 simply for expressing the view that gender fluid and sexualised drag queens are dangerous role models for children.

While I’m grateful for the win, celebrations will be muted until these laws are changed.

Drag belongs, if anywhere, in adult venues for those willing to go out of their way to find it. 

Yet we are now in a situation where these hypersexualised males are making a mockery of women in front of children in libraries and even on our TV screens.

RuPaul’s Drag Race television show has just hit a new low.

The show recently featured “Jimbo the Clown” mocking breastfeeding using whipped cream and giant prosthetic breasts.

So not only do women have to contend with having language erased to describe ourselves, often being reduced to mere “chestfeeders” or “birthing parents”, we now have to watch misogynistic displays mocking the sacredness of motherhood.

I am not going to post the video but if you really want to watch it you can here. It is quite repulsive.

Interestingly another drag queen was forced to apologise for wearing ‘blackface’ recently

Trying to minimise the fallout, the drag queen said it was just “a parody of overly tanned ‘90s Britney-esque’ white people.” No, no! It is making a mockery of black people, whichever way you look at it.

Yet they seem to get away with it. Many call out the “blackface’ saying it is not okay but for some reason ‘womanface’ is?

MasterChef has also come under fire for featuring drag queen Cheryl Hole who has previously insulted women who defend sex-based rights, branding them “TERFS” – trans exclusionary radical feminists.

Hole’s appearance on the show has been slammed as inappropriate for families.

While so many tolerate, or cheer on, these demeaning caricatures of women, there will be an uphill battle.

Women deserve to be respected, honoured and cherished – not mocked and reduced to sexualised stereotypes.

Children deserve safeguarding and should never be exposed to degrading sexualised content.

Thanks to brave warriors like Lyle Shelton, and the many women who continue to speak up at great risk, we may just be beginning to gain ground.