Lutheran Schools promoting lies to children

Shine SA and Upstream Services are offering a training package to Lutheran Schools in South Australia. The $3,190 package is designed to help craft ways to lie to children and staff about their ability to change sex.

No one can change sex of course. Everyone knows that. 

Regardless, this traditional religious school network is advertising the package to “explore how to support young people who are trans, gender diverse, or gender questioning in a school setting.”

This support package explores the information, skills and strategies need to create safer spaces at schools for students who are gender diverse. This professional development considers the unique challenges of being LGBTQIA+ in schools and unpacks the role of school staff in ensuring safe and supportive environments. 

The package is in two parts. One for the school staff and the other for leadership. The aims of the course are to equip the staff to endorse the lie that a student can change sex; specifically, around language and ‘inclusive’ practices.

  • Clarify terminology around gender diversity 
  • Unpack personal values and feel confident to challenge values, attitudes and beliefs of themselves and others 
  • Model and promote inclusive practices 
  • Suggestions for a whole school approach, including language, support, and policies and procedures 

Gender ideology is not based on truth, it relies on lies to exist and grow. No-one can change sex. No one is born in the wrong body.

Science and the Bible both affirm that biology is real, tangible and evidence based. There’s male and female, that’s it. Gender ideology denies science and reality, claiming people can appropriate stereotypes and change sex if they “feel” like it.

To entertain such lies is to put children in harm’s way. Encouraging and affirming gender ideology in schools confuses children and moves into the realm of indoctrination instead of education. Socially transitioning children, with or without parental consent, leads to further falsely-labelled “affirmation” practices that include medicalisation resulting in sterilisation and zero sexual function.

Schools, religious or not, need to get back to their reason for existing. Education, not indoctrination. School staff should not be so bold as to think they can replace parents or medical practitioners. It is time they said no to gender ideology in schools, especially if they claim to teach the ‘truth’.