Little girls exposed to naked males in change rooms

Paula Scanlan is a former US collegiate swimmer who has joined others like Riley Gaines in speaking out against males in their sporting divisions. 

Paula retweeted a confronting illustration, highlighting the perverse and dangerous position little girls are placed in when adult males insist on being naked in their spaces. The tweet was made by Jane Éire.

Absolutely abuse. 

And doesn’t stop at adult or college aged girls. 

No girls are safe. 

No girls have privacy as long as these men elbow their way into our spaces. 


Paula Scanlan described her experience and the guilt she has suffered for not speaking out sooner.

I have never seen this image before but it sent chills down my spine. I haven’t commented much about the locker room situation here on twitter, because to be honest I am still processing how challenging it was to change 18 times a week with a male present. 

This image below actually happened. Our team was on training trip and there were young girls (as young as 4-5 years old) that used the same locker room. A 6’4 male actually changed next to a small girl. The guilt of witnessing this is something I cannot stop thinking about. We as a society failed to allow this to happen. 

It was one thing to subject myself and my teammates to this, we were all adults, but a young child is unacceptable and heartbreaking.

Women’s and girl’s spaces should never be compromised for the sake of some men’s feelings. No one can change their sex. A man cannot become a woman. Feelings do not change biology.

There is never any reason why a little girl should be forced to see, or change with, a naked male. There is never any reason why women should have to do so without their explicit consent.

Policies that have allowed this travesty must be exposed, challenged and revoked.