Lies have been legislated into law

News headlines like this from the UK demonstrate how ridiculous and dangerous gender identity ideology has become.

This is not a woman.

He is a man.

The article goes on to clarify that he is in fact a man who identifies as a woman.

There is no way on earth this guy is, has been, or ever will be a woman. Yet the media, the police, politicians and celebrities are all going along with the charade as if it were real.

Unfortunately, there are some courts that exacerbate the issue and appease these men, by referring to them as woman/she/her. Courts are meant to be places where evidence, facts and truth are supreme. We now are in a situation where everyone in court has to swear to tell the truth while blatantly lying about the truth right before their eyes!

For her appearance at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Stephen Earl asked if "Martin Tarling is now Abbie Taylor" and if her preferred pronouns were she and her.

Nick Lane, defending, said: "She has formally and officially changed her identity."

To call him a woman is an insult to our intelligence. It is a denial of science. It is the rejection of reality. This man is not a woman.

Why are his ‘feelings’ and misperception about reality being entertained?

There is an old saying, “the law is an ass.” That is never so true as it is in this kind of situation.

If men like this, those who appropriate womanhood via stereotypes, are allowed under law to be referred to as women and treated as women, then the word woman has been rendered meaningless.

This man, if found guilty, and if sentenced to prison time, could end up in a women’s prison. Many violent male criminals have already ended up in women’s prisons in the UK, in the US and here in Australia.

The result is that real women lose their privacy, their dignity, their boundaries and their safety all because politicians have decided to legislate lies into law.

My local federal MP had no idea this was happening. Does yours? It is up to you to inform them and let them know it is up to them to change these ridiculous and dangerous laws. It is up to them to protect women in law by overturning self-identification laws.