Labor Sports Minister displays contempt toward women

My local MP David Gillespie wrote to Labor Minister for Sport, Anika Wells, to ask for a response regarding my legal cases and why men are permitted to pretend to be female in sports.

Predictably Wells gave a gibberish answer that proved the lack of appetite Labor has to safeguard women and children in sport. Labor seems to be more interested in appearing  ‘inclusive’ than in taking steps to affirm science and uphold reality.

Bodies play sport, not identities. Male bodies have a distinct, scientifically proven advantage over female bodies.

No one is saying trans identified people can’t play sport. The solution is simple and obvious. Males play in male competitions, females play in female competitions. Trans identified players play according to their biological reality or play in a mixed or open competition. Everyone gets to play and it is safe and fair for women.

The mind boggles that Anika Wells, presumably a female, is so content to allow other females to be put at risk for the sake of some male’s feelings. 

No one has to be excluded, yet females are self-excluding because male bodies in their sports present a risk on and off the field. Female athletes, their parents, coaches and officials are threatened with legal action, sanctions and fines if they object to male bodies in their competitions. 

Why is Labor and why is Wells so happy for this to continue? They refuse to answer simple questions, they refuse to safeguard women and children, they refuse to acknowledge science and reality. 

If they don’t hear you object, if they don’t get any pushback they will continue to walk all over women’s rights for the sake of a few men who wish they were women.