John Ruddick MLC calls out government funding of ACON

NSW MLC John Ruddick has delivered a powerful speech to the state parliament about the excessive funding of rainbow activism. Up to $14 million dollars and at least 22 agencies receive tax-payer funding to support their ‘neo-religion.’

Ruddick has called for government funding to cease, and allow these groups to continue only if they can raise the funding themselves.

He noted that organisations such as ACON served their purpose during the AIDs epidemic but have since had to “invent new rainbow causes that are so important that the tax-payer has to fund them.”

When lobby groups fight for a cause and win, they don’t just pack up their lobbying tents and go home. Too often they simply find new and more radical causes within the same framework.

Lobbyists that rely on government grants do not simply pat themselves on the back after winning their cause – they get addicted to the gravy train.   

But just as bad as the slippery slope of legislation is the slippery slope of government funding.  When fights for equal rights are won, they evolve into campaigns for special privileges.

Ruddick rightly stated, “This isn’t about equal rights, equality of opportunity or even equality of outcome.  This is about lining the pockets of activist groups. 

If businesses, individuals and community groups want to celebrate Pride Month and everything else I wish them all the best … when it is self-funded.”