JK Rowling is using her celebrity for good

JK Rowling continues to speak up for those who are not being heard.

In the past week she has reposted the Australian sports disgrace that saw a women’s cup won by a team consisting of 5 males, to her 14 million followers.

The author has also gone to town on the new Scottish “hate-speech” laws that include speaking the truth about a person’s biological reality. So called deliberate ‘misgendering,’ which is actually referring to a person’s true sex is now labelled a hate crime in Scotland.

The world famous women’s rights celebrity decided to put the laws to the test. She posted a series of 10 tweets on X highlighting sex-offenders and male personalities who now identify as female and dared the Scottish police to arrest her.

Even though complaints were made against her, the police lost the game of chicken and stated they would not press charges.

Meanwhile, JK Rowling said she hoped all women would be treated equally under the new rules.

Ms Rowling welcomed the decision, saying: 'I hope every woman in Scotland who wishes to speak up for the reality and importance of biological sex will be reassured by this announcement and I trust that all women – irrespective of profile or financial means – will be treated equally under the law.'

She warned the police that she was ready to intervene if they pursued lower-profile women for making similar comments, adding: 'If they go after any woman for simply calling a man a man, I'll repeat that woman's words and they can charge us both at once.'

Ms Rowling added: 'In passing the Scottish Hate Crime Act, Scottish lawmakers seem to have placed higher value on the feelings of men performing their idea of femaleness, however misogynistically or opportunistically, than on the rights and freedoms of actual women and girls. 

'The new legislation is wide open to abuse by activists who wish to silence those of us speaking out about the dangers of eliminating women's and girls' single-sex spaces, the nonsense made of crime data if violent and sexual assaults committed by men are recorded as female crimes, the grotesque unfairness of allowing males to compete in female sports, the injustice of women's jobs, honours and opportunities being taken by trans-identified men, and the reality and immutability of biological sex.           

'For several years now, Scottish women have been pressured by their government and members of the police force to deny the evidence of their eyes and ears, repudiate biological facts and embrace a neo-religious concept of gender that is unprovable and untestable.