It’s International ‘Women’s’ Day 2023

It is International Women’s Day, again. This year, more than ever, it is really “International Anyone’s Day”, especially if you are a male who appropriates female stereotypes.

After decades (actually, make that centuries) of good men and women fighting to dismantle harmful stereotypes and rigid roles, we are regressing at an embarrassing pace.

In recent decades tomboys were accepted and even celebrated and no one had a problem with the “girls can do anything” sentiment as we saw a rise in girls getting into careers like engineering, science, building, etc.

Now they are being targeted by activists who put them on drugs that sterilise them. Many even go on to have their healthy breasts removed!

Males who cross dressed or enjoyed traditionally feminine pastimes or appearances were not seen as any threat. We all tolerated them as adults with particular fetishes or simply feminine inclined boys. Now young boys are being put on drugs that mean they will never experience orgasm, and can greatly affect their bone density and brain development.

Increasingly we are now faced with aggressive males appropriating female stereotypes who demand to be accepted as women. They insist they deserve access to our spaces, services and sports. They have manipulated their way into female prisons and filled quotas reserved for women. They want access to female-only spaces like bathrooms and come out with nonsense like “women can have a penis”.

We are bombarded daily with companies fighting to outdo each other in the corporate world to prove their woke status. Makeup brands, period wear and underwear companies, airlines and more all want us to buy the lie that a man can be a woman.

Chocolate company Hershey’s featured a male activist on one of their five limited edition "HER for SHE" chocolate bars to “shine a light on women and girls who inspire us every day”. Fae Johnson is not a woman or a girl; he is a male who appropriates female stereotypes. And yet this year he is being celebrated for International Women’s Day.

Encouragingly, Jeremy’s Chocolates hit back with two of their own bars: SheHer (nutless) and He Him (with nuts) selling over 400,000 bars in a few days!

Sporting associations are in turmoil, being forced to deny the biological differences that necessitate separate male and female categories in the first place. USA Powerlifting has been given two weeks to allow males who pretend to be women to compete in female divisions.

Australia’s most decorated female weightlifter, Deborah Acason, was forced to compete against a male appropriating womanhood in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. She continues to speak about the unfair advantage males have in sport, while people like Kieren Perkins insist there is no unfair advantage. He and others want us to buy the lie that a male who claims to be a woman is a woman.

Football Australia have actively attempted to silence women by going to ground and refusing to acknowledge the concerns of players under their policy that men can play in women’s divisions if they want to. They had my Facebook page deleted and refuse to answer the queries of over 2000 people who have contacted them to ask why there are separate divisions in soccer if men can play as women.

The Let Women Speak Tour of capital cities is not only being targeted by Antifa and radical trans activist groups, the media is also regurgitating propaganda to discourage women from speaking. They simply don’t want women to speak out and defend sex-based rights and single sex spaces.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “Embrace Equity: the quality of being fair and impartial”.

Allowing males to infiltrate women’s spaces and services is not fair or impartial. It is making a mockery of womanhood and puts women and girls at risk. While there are many women rising above the constraints of this ‘brave new world’ there is still a mighty long way to go in restoring common sense, fairness and dignity in the face of aggressive trans activism.