International Women’s Day 2024

On Friday 8th March, International Women’s Day, I hosted a luncheon with approximately 30 local women to discuss the questions, “What is a Woman and Why Does it Matter?”

Women aged 16-80+ attended and we had a great time discussing the issues that affect us as females in 2024

It is absolutely incredible that we even have to meet, to be visible, to be heard in this day and age. Who could have ever dreamed we would be fighting to retain our sex-based spaces, services and sport in 2024?

I shared my story of being legally targeted for identifying males in female sport. I also shared the victories that have come for simply standing my ground, rooted in the truth and reality of biology and science.

We discussed other women like Sall Grover, Moira Deeming and Louise Elliot’s current legal battles and how important they are for all Australians.

The elites, the bureaucrats, the politicians and the media want us all to bow down on the altar of this so-called ‘progressive’ agenda that claims women can have a penis.

We say no.

We encouraged one another to speak up, to be visible and to not shrink back. We are right, they are not. Adults can identify however they like but they cannot trample over our sex-based rights as females.

Everyone had a story to share. About a family member or a friend, about the workplace or education institution they attend. Even churches and Christian schools were discussed.

One student shared about being marked down for not embracing gender identity ideology.

A teacher shared her concerns about having to teach diversity, equity and inclusion.

Grandmothers grieved over what their grandchildren are being exposed to.

We discussed actions we can take together to proudly declare that women are adult human females and ways to safeguard our children.

Many other women around the world also got together to be visible and to stand firm.

If the elites can lie about people changing sex, about men being women, about children being mature minors, what else do you think they will lie about?

This is about truth, facts and evidence-based reality. We cannot relent in our efforts to turn this radical tide.