International media spreads outrage while Australia’s is silent

International media outlets were quick to respond to Binary’s exposé on a book describing a six-year-old liking oral sex was being promoted to teens in tax-payer funded libraries.

Thousands world-wide are now outraged by the descriptions of oral sex, masturbation and paedophilia in Beyond Magenta: Transgender teens speak out.

Found in the youth section of over 60 libraries in Australia, the book containing explicit and foul language has been one of the most challenged books in the USA, having even been banned in some states.

Meanwhile only one Australian media outlet has reported on it.  And shockingly, the tone of’s coverage seems favourable, quoting the author’s answer to the question, “What do you think it is that people are afraid of, that they wouldn’t want their kids exposed to, that maybe your book touches upon?”.

Once you get to understand it, it’s no longer frightening. But there’s that period before it happens, where there’s so much pushback and so much fear.

I think what we’re learning is the country is more frightened than we thought it was. We’re afraid of going forward. Life is changing, science is making changes, politics are changing — everything’s changing. And we can either choose to grow as human beings or stay the same.”

A spokeswoman for transgender lobby group Trans Health Australia, who hasn’t read the book, is quoted asking, “Why is Kirralie Smith out there on a witch hunt chasing transgender resources? (She is) trying to destroy our rights and identities and our access to healthcare.”

Mrs Smith was dismayed by the attack, but not surprised.

“This is what we’ve come to expect of activists: no engagement with the issue at hand, just more finger-pointing in an attempt to demonise their opposition.”

“The complacent attitude toward illegal, harmful and sexual activities involving very young children being promoted in this book is staggering. America is the ‘land of the free’, but this book crosses the line there. So why is it being promoted, unchecked, to teenagers in Australian libraries?”