Human Rights Commission to deny same-sex attracted events

It is 2023. People like to think humanity has evolved into a fair, tolerant and inclusive society. We also like to think we are smarter and more compassionate than our ancestors.

Unfortunately, it is utter and complete nonsense.

Some powerful members of this so-called smart and compassionate generation falsely believe people can change sex, men who appropriate female stereotypes should have more rights than females, and same-sex attraction should be done away with.

Just five minutes ago, that was called “homophobia.” Now it is considered “inclusive” under law. I wish they would make up their minds.

The Australian Human Rights Commission (HRC) has received an application from the Lesbian Action Group (LAG) for a temporary exemption to the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (SDA) based on the fact lesbians are same-SEX attracted. Not same-gender-identity attracted.

This lesbian group wants an exemption under the SDA to host lesbian only events. It looks unlikely to be granted because the bright sparks at the HRC conflate sex with gender identity and clearly think males who appropriate female stereotypes deserve access to female same-sex attracted events.

The Commission received 236 submissions during its public consultation, consisting of submissions from 31 organisations and 205 individuals. They have indicated they are erring on the side of denying the exemption despite the submissions weighing more favourably to grant the exemption.

Thanks to Julia Gillard, the SDA makes it unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status (amongst other grounds) in a

range of areas of public life.

But the fact is sex and gender identity are in direct opposition to each other. Sex is based on biology, gender identity rejects biology.

The LGA simply want to be able to hold events according to their same-sex attraction. The HRC has indicated that is not permissible.

In other words, males, with or without their penises, males should be granted whatever access they like to female same-sex attracted events. Even though they are not the same sex.

If this isn’t an example of the clown world we are living in I don’t know what is.

The bureaucracy is out-of-control making up stuff as they go along, denying reality, rejecting scientific fact and attempting to bend reality to suit their agenda. While they may succeed with their lunacy in the short term, history will look back and ridicule the complete farce the Human Rights Commission and Sex Discrimination Act  has become.