Hobart City Councillors accused of bullying

Hobart City Councillor Louise Elliot has accused fellow councillors of bullying. Elliot was compelled to undergo ‘re-education’ after making comments about the need to defend women’s sex-based rights.

There is already a complaint about her to Equal Opportunities Tasmania and she is facing increasing hostility from her peers on council. The councillor posted the ‘re-education’ papers online, revealing the bias and unacceptable position that she was expected to adhere to.

Since then, other councillors have moved a motion to further discipline Louise for having the view that biology matters and no one can change their sex.

It is incredible that in this day and age a woman can be pursued for speaking about evidence-based science. This is another example of the extreme lengths gender ideology activists go to in an attempt to silence women who speak. Louise is facing thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend herself as an elected member of council, while councillors simply use rate-payer funds to go after her.

She posted on social media:

I'm now being sent off for investigation by the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner (again) and Director of Local Government.  And for my email to them highlighting their bullying?  They want me investigated by Tasmania's Integrity Commission.

All this happened in the Council chamber when I'm not present as I had a conflict of interest. The motion is a direct attack on me. I could not even defend myself.

They REALLY don't like me saying that humans cannot change sex, transwomen are still men, gender ideology is nonsense, or that the 'fact' sheet I was given as part of my re-education was illogical and far from fact.....