Hobart City Councillor falsely smeared for a factual statement

Hobart City Councillor Louise Elliot has commented on the ludicrous claim she has used Nazi-symbolism in a recent post. 

It seems her opponents are running scared of the truth and are resorting to an extreme low in an attempt to smear her. 

The claim is completely unfounded and a poor effort to distract from the fact that males can never be female.

DAY 90 of being under investigation for 'inciting hatred' for saying that "transwomen are transwomen and remain biologically men". Pretty crazy stuff, hey. A widely known, proven, scientific fact landing someone under investigation by the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner. 

It gets weirder. Two days ago, I posted on Twitter that it had been 88 days. 

I received the complaint on 5 May and recently heard (two days ago) that there's no clear timeframe for the matter to be dismissed or escalated. This state of limbo prompted me to share that it had been 88 days so far, with no clear end in sight. 

88 is a number, that's all. If people have issues with a number and are seeing things that aren't there, then that's more about them than me. The number can also be a symbol of good fortune. Their triggering highlights the bias filter that people look at things with where they're wanting, desperately, to see something they don't like. 

I don't regret posting the number 88. Do we tell 87 year olds that they'll need to skip to 89 in fear of some association? Do we tell people born in 1988 to lie about their birth year? How ridiculous.  

I suspect there is a strong correlation between people who see things that aren't there and whine about it, and those who have forgotten that it's impossible for humans to change sex. I hope they get help quickly if they start hearing voices. 

The Anti-Discrimination Commissioner does a lot of important work, but I don't think dragging someone through a lengthy process for saying a proven fact is one of them.  

Several women in Australia are embroiled in court actions ranging from defamation to vilification and, in my case, applications for AVO’s. For the record it has been 125 days since the police turned up on my doorstep to issue papers for me to appear in court for identifying males playing in female sporting competitions.

Sall Grover has been in limbo for 560 days after refusing a male access to her female only app, Giggle for Girls.

Moira Deeming MP, Assoc Prof Holly-Lawford -Smith, and Dr Jillian Spencer are just some other women facing drawn out legal processes for simply defending women’s sex-based rights.