Hobart City Council forced to apologise and pay compensation

Hobart City Council has been forced to apologise and pay compensation to councillor Louise Elliot for its appalling behaviour toward her. The Council refused her the ability to book a venue for a women’s rights event and has acted in a very unprofessional manner throughout the process.

Louise was blocked and smeared in a coordinated effort to stop the democratically elected councillor advocating for her political beliefs that also line up with evidence-based science. 

The existence of Ms Elliot’s booking request, made as a private citizen, was leaked by lord mayor Anna Reynolds to a pro-trans activist, who approached the council to express concern.

Ms Elliot lodged a complaint with the state Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, alleging discrimination the basis of political belief or association.

“I’m pleased that the extent of the discrimination has finally been admitted and owned by the council,” Ms Elliot told The Australian. “I’m optimistic that there will be change; there has to be.

“You can have all the diversity plans, flags and photo opportunities you like, but they’re worthless showboating if words and action don’t align. What happened to me proves that the HCC’s talk of being inclusive and welcoming is selective.

Ms Elliot said she hoped the outcome was a “big step forward” for the HCC but that other formal processes alleging breaches of privacy and RTI laws would continue.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t just straight-up, blatant discrimination,” Ms Elliot said.

“The depth of the lying, scheming, gaslighting, privacy breaches, and frustration of legal processes has been astounding.”

More details will be released at the July open meeting of the Council.

Louise’s victory must serve as an inspiration to all. 

There is no basis for activists who intimidate and threaten those who stand for female sex-based rights. 

Louise did nothing wrong and her victory over the Council is well-deserved.