Hey Woolies, only women menstruate

Woolworths continues to push the woke bandwagon by replacing the term woman with  “people who menstruate”. 

“The 100th Dignity Vending Machine funded by Woolworths has just been installed to help people who menstruate access period care items free of charge,” the chain wrote.

It didn’t go down well on social media.

“It’s women. Don’t remember men getting a period. The world is going mad,” one wrote.

Another said: “Women have been managing it just fine for centuries without feeling offended by society’s awareness that natural-born females menstruate. This is silly.”

Woolworths refused to apologise or back biological reality, claiming the vending machines can be used by anyone including non-binary or transgender people.

Posted during a week in the federal election campaign where the spotlight has already been firmly fixed on women in sport, it was poor timing for the grocery giant. 

“Woolworths needs to have a good hard look at their marketing. Only women have periods. It is a biological function that only females experience,” Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said.

“Female is a reality that cannot be changed with superficial labels, costumes or drugs

“Woke companies are not doing themselves any favours by promoting false and ridiculous slogans that erase women.”