Greens betray feminists… again

Another female Green’s member, and leader, has been ousted for defending women’s sex-based realities and rights.

Linda Gale was elected as the convenor of the Victorian Greens, turfed out a short time later, after a social media pile on for a paper she wrote in 2019 that promoted discussion about women’s rights. The internal discussion paper she co-authored, was titled “Trans Exclusionary Rhetoric, Contending Views”.

Gale’s paper was written in response to a paper by other Greens members, titled “Trans Exclusionary Rhetoric”. 

In it, Gale argued that banning statements within the party such as “there are two sexes”, “trans women aren’t the same as biological women” and “the science is not conclusive” was contrary to a Greens ethos which encourages robust debate.

She said the paper did not propose answers but stated that in areas such as “the consequences of having male-bodied people in women’s prisons ... in women’s wards in hospitals ... and as staff or clients in women’s shelters and refuges – there are questions that we need to talk about”.

After she was elected as convenor on June 11, with 54 per cent of the vote, the paper was the basis of a fierce online campaign against Gale.

Gale was accused of transphobia by Greens Senator Janet Rice and Tim Read, state Greens MP for Brunswick in Melbourne’s inner-north, claiming her position was “untenable”.

“Her past statements, and unwillingness to acknowledge the pain they cause, have so firmly associated Linda with opposition to trans rights that nothing she now says can alter that,” Read wrote on Facebook.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the Greens are alienating their female members and voters.

“Women’s sex-based rights were once-upon-a-time front and centre for the Greens,” she said.

“Now they will crucify their own to promote the agenda of males who appropriate womanhood.

“It is no wonder so many women now claim to be ‘politically homeless’ as left-wing parties, once full of feminists, are being betrayed by trans ideology.”