The Greens hang feminists out to dry

Anna Kerr from the Feminist Legal Clinic has been expelled from the Greens for holding the view that men cannot be women.

The Conflict Resolution Committee Report stated,

Anna Kerr has engaged in behaviour that is in contravention to Greens principles and policies as well as disrupting Greens actions and discussion groups with transphobic and trans exclusionary views.

The report concluded with,

We believe that her membership should be terminated immediately, and steps taken to ensure that she is unable to re-join the Greens NSW in the future.

Kerr made an 8-page response, condemning the Greens for their alleged “continued breaches of the constitution taking place within the party.” She states her views are not transphobic nor are they trans exclusionary and no one should be vilified for their identity.

“I do not agree with the inclusion of trans women as women within the NSW Women’s policy. However, I believe barriers and intersectional discrimination experienced by anyone within society rightly should be condemned.”

“I support people’s right to self-identify their gender as long as ‘gender’, which is a social construct, is not confused or conflated with ‘sex’ which is a physiological reality. I support the right of individuals to challenge the gender binary by dressing and presenting in a manner which may challenge traditional sex stereotypes. This is very different from supporting laws that encourage and enable individuals to misrepresent their sex for official and unofficial purposes which has the potential to result in harm either to themselves or others.” 

“I am unable to defend Green’s policies in the area of gender identity since they directly conflict with both my personal ethics and professional obligations as a human rights lawyer. I believe elements of these policies conflict with the principle of social justice which constitutes one of the four pillars of the Australian Greens. There is nothing fair, compassionate or kind about policies which endorse medical experimentation on children and other vulnerable people, dismantle women’s sex-based rights and vilify, stigmatise and seek to silence those who speak out about the harm being done.”

Kerr claims to have been “personally harassed, abused, vilified, stigmatized, and discriminated against as a result of expressing my views on the subject.”

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the Greens are discriminating against women.

“By upholding and defending the view that men can be women, the Greens are ostracising feminists and anyone who believes that sex matters,” she said.

“Biology is real and it impacts women in tangible and measurable ways. Males who appropriate womanhood will never experience life as a woman and all that it entails biologically.

“Anna Kerr and many others find themselves politically homeless due to these discriminatory policies.”