Golf and boxing disregard facts for the sake of trans identified males

He cannot understand the backlash or criticism regarding his place in the women’s division.

His desire is to earn a Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour card.

He cannot understand the backlash or criticism regarding his place in the women’s division.

“It’s always interesting how no one gets angry until there is any form of success,” he said.

This is utter nonsense of course. There are thousands of people actively criticising such sporting policies every day and have done so for many years. Davidson is just the latest to have the spotlight shone on him as he has stolen opportunities and victory from women.

After all, what is the point of having a women’s division if males like him can enter and claim victory?

Coach Linda Blade posted criticism that sums up the farce well.

“THIS is what #ProgressiveMisogyny looks like. It takes away EVERYTHING from female persons and seeks to be celebrated for it. It robs female athletes of: - Victory - Recognition - Prizes - Joy - Self-confidence - Safety - Privacy And ultimately… - Participation (especially in sports where limited numbers make the final race and a female athlete automatically is eliminated from the field)”

The golf governing body is unapologetic and says reducing testosterone makes it a level playing field. This is also utter nonsense. Testosterone is merely one factor of being male. Reducing testosterone does not change chromosomes, DNA, and all of the advantages that come with larger hands and feet, greater reach, more fast twitch muscle fibres, greater heart and lung capacity, larger blood volume and many other physiological factors.

'The LPGA has a comprehensive Gender Policy that allows transgender athletes, including those who have transitioned from male to female, to participate in its events. This policy requires transgender athletes to provide a declaration of their gender identity, proof of gender reassignment surgery, and evidence of at least one year of hormonal therapy maintaining testosterone levels at a specified range. 

It is an unfair and unsafe policy that displays contempt toward female athletes.

USA Boxing has also recently introduced a new policy that puts women in harm’s way

They admit that males, even after reducing testosterone levels, are still much higher than the average female, but will allow males to compete in female divisions if they have surgery and lowered their testosterone. It is absurd and insulting to suggest these things make a man a woman. They do not. Boxing is a contact sport and allowing males to enter female divisions is inviting trouble.

It is ridiculous that these organisations are bending over backwards to appease some men’s feelings at the expense of women and girls. Why are they so prepared to deny science, reject reality and make way for these men knowing it creates an unfair and unsafe playing field? 

Again, what is the point of having male and female divisions in sport if males can pretend to be women?