Gender ideology overhaul in New Zealand

The new government coalition in New Zealand has determined to shift away from gender ideology back to academic achievement in education. The existing gender, sexuality, and relationship guidelines in schools will be overhauled and parts of it scrapped altogether.

Support for the decision comes from Resist Gender Education (RGE), a group advocating for factual and age-appropriate education.\ 

RGE argues that the current Relationships and Sexuality Education Guide (RSE Guide) is scientifically inaccurate, promotes an ideology not held by a majority of parents and caregivers, and is not age-appropriate in places.

There is also concern that certain concepts being taught, such as the spectrum of sex and the fluidity of gender identity, are more ideological than factual and potentially confusing for young students, and can promote body dissociation in young children. 

“We are a non-partisan and non-religious group who advocate for the right of children to be their authentic selves without discrimination, labelling, or medical intervention to 'fix' them,” RGE said.

New Zealand's largest Education Union, the New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI), is not supportive of the move.

As is the case in most western countries the curriculum has been heavily influenced by gender activists that are out-of-step with families and the broader community.

Schools should exist for education, not indoctrination.

Consistently imposing sexual concepts such as sexual identities and sexual orientations on children is unnecessary and even dangerous. Children do not need to be exposed to sexual concepts; those should be reserved for adults only.

Sexual identities are based on lies and deception. No one can change their sex. It is anti-science to suggest someone can transition to another sex or gender. It is simply not possible. The only thing a person can do is appropriate stereotypes of the opposite sex using costumes, drugs or surgery. Children do not need to be exposed to such a deceptive ideology at school.