Geelong Grammar School protects trans identified student at the expense of female students

Geelong Grammar School in Victoria has demonstrated complete disregard for reality and biological science, along with the sex-based rights of female students.

A furious father has exposed the gross breach of trust after pulling his daughter out of the $84,000 a year school. It has been revealed a year 9 male is identifying as a girl and will be given preferential treatment and protection by the school. It is his desire to be accommodated in the girl’s dorm and his wish has been granted.

It is understood that the parents have not been informed or given consent for the decision to force female students to accept the male as a girl.

Geelong Grammar School's Principal, Rebecca Cody, said they 'believe that a coeducational, inclusive boarding community will enable our students to leave as confident and resilient young adults'.

'Whilst we cannot comment on specific students or circumstances, we can say that we are very open about being an inclusive community and supporting all of our students, including those identifying as LGBTQI+, so they are heard, respected and kept safe in our care,' Ms Cody said in a statement.

'Our inclusivity policy makes it clear we will respect a student's gender identity, and that gender identity will be considered when assigning a student to a boarding environment.

'Our longstanding policy on inclusion reflects the Child Safe Standards, which require that all Victorian schools uphold equity, respect diverse needs among students, and pay particular attention to the needs of LGBTIQ+ students.'

It seems no consideration is given to how the female students feel regarding a male being housed in their quarters or appropriating stereotypes to have access to the girl’s spaces or services.

No one has ever changed their sex. No male has or can ever become female.

It is insulting and dangerous to concede female sex-based rights for the sake of a boy’s feelings. He deserves compassion and care for his dysphoria, but indulging his fantasy is not the answer.