Former SBS journalist questions unfair football policy

Journalist Lucy Zelic has drawn a line in the sand.

The former SBS “World Game” host has had extensive experience in the realm of football (soccer) and she is now fully committed to exposing the dangerous and unfair agenda set by Football NSW and Football Australia which forces females to compete against males in female divisions.

Zelic has questioned why Football associations are refusing to protect female players as there are provisions for doing so in the Sex Discrimination Act (SDA).

“The SDA allows for certain acts done under statutory authority and acts conducted by certain accommodation providers, charities, religious bodies (except for intersex status in religious educational institutions), voluntary bodies or sporting organisations (except for sexual orientation). Whether these exceptions and exemptions apply will depend on the particular circumstances.”

Section 42 of the SDA — commonly referred to as the “single-sex competition” exemption — that allows organisations to exclude persons on the ground of sex, gender identity or intersex status “from participation in any competitive sporting activity in which the strength, stamina or physique of competitors is relevant”.

The guidelines also state:  “The objective of the exemption is to restrict competitive sporting activity to people who can ‘effectively compete’ with each other. This is intended to recognise that ‘biological differences between men and women are relevant to competitive sporting activities’. It can be understood as ensuring a ‘level playing field’.

So if the legislations are available, the question we must ask of ALL sporting bodies is: why aren't they being applied?

Neither Football associations have responded to the reasonable question. They continue to block social media users who ask similar questions and continue to force clubs to play against males in female divisions by threatening repercussions if they don’t comply.