Finnish expert opposes transgender treatments for children

People around the world are beginning to speak up and share the truth about dangerous gender ideology.

Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala, an expert from a Finnish gender clinic claims four out of five gender-questioning children will grow out of their dysphoria if no medical interventions are imposed on them.

The doctor was described as “Finland’s leading expert on pediatric gender medicine and chief psychiatrist at its largest gender clinic” has had over a decade of experience and more than 12 separate studies to support  the claim.

During the interview, Kaltiala also cautioned parents of gender-questioning children against using their offspring’s preferred pronouns or a new chosen name.

The medical expert insisted such acts weren’t a harmless “formality” and still counted as an intervention that could influence the child.

“It’s a message saying that ‘this is the right path for you,'” the doctor said. 

“The developmental mission of youth is not helped by the fact that young people’s self-expression is supported and directed from the outside,” she added. “The environment should also not commit to identity experiments in a way that might make a later change of direction anxiety-inducing.”

The experienced medical expert also rejected the notion that children would be driven to suicide if they were not “affirmed” via medical interventions.

“It is not justified to tell the parents of young people identifying as transgender that a young person is at risk of suicide without medical treatments and that the danger can be alleviated with gender reassignment,” she said. 

The expert added that the “transition or suicide” dichotomy was “purposeful disinformation, and spreading it is irresponsible.”

Kaltiala also warned about social media and contagions that lead young people to believe that appropriating ideas of the opposite sex will alleviate their confusion. She said, “A balance of mind does not come from making others do and see what you want.”

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said watchful waiting is the kindest approach.

“Studies have proven that the majority of children who are allowed and encouraged to go through puberty will accept their biological reality,” she said.

“Interfering with their natural development leaves children with serious complications such as infertility and zero sexual function.

“No child can consent to such serious outcomes and no adult should ever impose this on a child.

“There are better ways to support children through difficult passages in life. Watchful waiting offers support without leaving permanent and irreversible damage.”