Female swimmer continues to speak out

Riley Gaines, one of the women who swam against Lia (William) Thomas, from the University of Kentucky will be featured in an advertisement for Senator Paul Rand’s re-election campaign.

She recently appeared alongside him on a US talk show to affirm her commitment to speaking out against males appropriating womanhood in sport.

Gaines tied with Thomas in the 200-yard freestyle at a championship event. She has been outspoken against the male swimmer and says many of his teammates thanked her for speaking out.

“I actually had a ton of Lia Thomas’ teammates reach out to me personally, and thank me for what I’m doing because this is something they deal with every single day,” Riley Gaines said, alongside Senator Rand Paul, during an appearance on Fox and Friends. “But of course, they’re intimidated, they’re threatened, they’re emotionally blackmailed.”

“One of those examples being an email sent to the Ivy League swimmer saying that if you feel uncomfortable changing in an area where you will see male genitalia, here are some resources, and you should seek counseling,” she said.

Shaming females into accepting males in their private spaces is appalling and should be opposed by everyone, regardless of political persuasion. Senator Rand is convinced this is an issue that concerns all people.

“I think there’s actually sort of a silent growing number of women who are moderate or independent or even liberal, that have daughters who compete in soccer and swimming and all these different sports who are like, this just isn’t fair,” Paul said on the program. “This is a fairness issue.”

“My wife always says, where are the feminists on this issue? And there are some, but they’re few and far between because the liberal media runs over you and says you’re a hater,” he continued. “And this isn’t about hate, this is about fairness.”

Even his political opponents are having to backtrack on their positions.

Incumbent Democratic Kansas governor Laura Kelly changed her tune after previously voting against legislation to protect girls in sport. “You have seen my opponent’s attacks. So let me just say it: Of course men should not play girls sports. Okay, we all agree there,” she said.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said the tide is slowly turning.

“Males who want to compete as female, and expose their genitals in girls’ change rooms, are fast losing support,” she said.

“It is not fair or safe to put girls in such a vulnerable position.

“No-one can truly argue that males should have the right to appropriate womanhood to gain access and victory on the sporting field or in change rooms, it is absurd and dangerous.”