Extremists fail to cancel this forum

A forum in favour of biological sex rights is to go ahead in Tasmania despite backlash from trans activists.

Women Speak Tasmania has invited guests and speakers to the event at the Hobart Town Hall on November 27.

Sociologist Geoff Holloway, who describes transgenderism as a social contagion, has been openly critical of self-identification laws.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s a complete denial of sex as binary. The trans lobby are using this to assert their right [for] trans men...to become recognised as trans women.”

Hobart Councillor Jac Fox called for the event to be cancelled and labelled those defending sex-based rights as “TERFS”, which stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminists.

Both the former Tasmanian anti-discrimination commissioner Robin Banks and Equality Tasmania spokesman Matty Wright said that while they disagreed with the group, the forum should be allowed to go ahead.

The public forum will also host a man who transitioned to female, before returning to living as a male – known as de-transitioning.

One of the speakers will be de-transitioned trans woman Pauley Johnson, who has reverted back to male pronouns after coming out as trans.

Mr Johnson still presents as female on occasion, but no longer identifies as such.

“I have a desire within me to be a woman, but that doesn’t make me a woman,” Mr Johnson said.

“At the moment, gender is being pushed as this pseudo-religious inner soul of a person which is unchangeable. I don’t go along with that anymore.”

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the forum should go ahead.

“Sex-based rights and realities must be championed in the public sphere,” she said.

“Extremists, disguised as activists, have successfully cancelled or silenced too many conversations that need to be had. The number of children presenting as gender confused is increasing.

“The best way forward is to engage in education, rigorous debate and thorough academic study.

“Our kids deserve the best care available, which cannot happen if extremists continually silence any opposition.”