Every parent’s worst nightmare

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare – state workers taking your child because of a false report about your level of care.

But that’s exactly what has happened to one Scottish family who “'live in fear' of losing child after social services get involved in gender care”.

Two Scottish parents say social services were contacted after a counsellor accused them of “emotional abuse” for raising concern about using male pronouns with their daughter.

In a tearful interview with the Scottish Daily Express, a couple shared the ordeal they are undergoing with their biological daughter who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and has struggled with their gender identity.

Evidence from around the world clearly shows that autism is overrepresented in gender dysphoric children.

The parents are terrified their daughter will be removed from their care. They say it feels like a “battle against authorities” as the Scottish Government supports ‘affirmation-only’ pathways.

Speaking exclusively to the Scottish Daily Express they said: “The trans agenda is firmly within schools and on the internet, and it is interfering with our children's lives.

 “As parents, we cannot protect or guide them or say anything. They are actively told that if anybody tries to discuss it, they are anti-trans and that discussion may lead to suicide. It is heart wrenching and wrong.”

In 2019 their eldest daughter joined an LGBTQI+ club at their high school. Their other daughter soon followed.

"We were delighted when she joined the club and quickly made friends, as a child on the autism spectrum this can be difficult, but it quickly turned into an obsession, which is not unusual for children on the autism spectrum,” the parents said.

The parents said social media inflamed the issue, especially during lockdowns. They have attempted to discover what she was being taught at school but have had no success.

Health practitioners, paediatricians and psychologists have shared similar accounts of parents being ambushed by school staff and state workers regarding their autistic children, and Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith says parents in Australia have the same concerns.

“The misnamed ‘conversion therapy’ laws are all about converting children from their natal sex to an appropriation of the opposite sex” said Smith.

“Make no mistake, it is happening in this country as well. Parents, grandparents, and carers have shared similar concerns to this Scottish couple.”

“The state cannot do a better job of raising our children than we can.”

“An immediate and thorough investigation into gender clinic practices and transitioning laws is required.

“Vulnerable children are undergoing experimental treatments against or without parental knowledge or consent.”