Drag queens promoted by an increasing number of libraries

People often send me information about the latest Drag Queen Story Hour. Here are just three coming up in the next few weeks.

Newcastle Library has hosted the event several times and are publicising the next one on social media.

Marylands in WA is promoting this event with Cougar Morrison.

From his Facebook page.

Drag Queen Story Time at Oakleigh Library in Victoria, is apparently sold out.

Local council libraries have got it in their heads that exposing children to adult entertainers is a good idea. They sprout “tolerance’ and “inclusion” while branding opposition as bigotry or a made-up phobia.

Drag Queens are adult entertainers. They are males who appropriate hypersexualized caricatures of women, most perform lewd routines in adult clubs. They now also seem to have a free pass to share their personas with little children.

Is it tolerant and inclusive though?

If ratepayer funded libraries wanted us to take their diversity and inclusivity claims seriously, don’t you think they would be hosting a few more ‘diverse’ story times?

Like grandma’s and grandpa’s story hour.

Or person-in-a-wheelchair story hour.

Or cerebral palsy story hour.

Or tradie story hour.

Or police story hour.

Or women of colour story hour.

Or – God-forbid – Christian Story Hour.

But no, the only message these libraries want to send to little children about diversity, inclusion and tolerance is adult men making a mockery of female stereotypes.

Men in “womanface”.

The same libraries would never host “blackface” story hour.

Make no mistake, both are as offensive as each other.

The real, and very disturbing question that must be asked however, is why do grown men who mock womanhood want to expose this to little children?