Desperate dad fights to save his 10-year-old son from chemical castration

Jeff Younger continues to fight for his 10-year-old son who now faces the very real threat of chemical castration.

His ex-wife, who has insisted the boy was a girl since he was very young, is threatening to move to California so he can be medically transitioned.

The legal battle has been intense and prolonged with custody being awarded, removed and reinstated with different conditions several times.

Younger is concerned that his ex-wife now will transition James medically. He says documents he obtained during court proceedings show she took James to a therapist who recommended the family “explore” gender transitioning at the Dallas-based Genecis medical clinic. 

Since then she has indicated she will move with her son to California.  

“As soon as she’s there for a year, my sons will become citizens of California,” Younger said. “And then it becomes legal for them to castrate James. So they’ll chemically castrate him.” 

In 2021, Brown stripped Younger of most parental rights, giving full custody in a temporary order to Georgulas, after Younger was late making child support payments, medical support, and interest, as ordered. Then, he only paid his past-due support after the motion for enforcement was filed, according to the judge’s ruling. 

Younger believes the new California law will allow his ex-wife to get around a previous Texas court order preventing either parent from treating the child with hormonal suppression therapy, puberty blockers, or transgender reassignment surgery without both parents’ consent or a court order.

Younger vows to continue the fight for his son.

Younger said that he was not allowed to see his children individually, and had to see them together. The judge ordered him to pay hundreds of dollars for each supervised visit. The judge also ordered him not to change James out of a dress when he visited, which Younger refused to do. 

“I’ve told the judge I’ll just go to jail over that,” Younger said. “I’m not harming my son.”

The court also issued a gag order against Younger, forbidding him to talk to the media. He defied it. 

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said the account is devastating. 

“This desperate father is doing all he can to save his son,” she said.

“He’s trying to save him from a pathway that will result in zero sexual function as an adult, sterility and other complications such as bone density and brain development issues.

“All parents should take a leaf out of his book and fight for the protection of their children by opposing the aggressive trans agenda.”