Deborah Acason

Deborah Acason (Lovely) is an Australian sporting hero and weightlifting royalty. Representing Australia at five Commonwealth Games where she has won a gold, three silver and bronze medals, and at two Olympic Games. Deborah was the first female inducted into the Australian Weightlifting Federation Hall Of Fame and served her sport as a previous Director of the Australian Weightlifting Federation.  As a wife and mother of three little girls, Deborah is passionate about keeping female sports for biological girls and women for safety and fairness. Deborah graduated from Griffith University with Honours in Law & Criminology. 

“As a kid, I did not fit the mould of a typical girl, playing soccer with the boys at lunch time and eventually lifting weights. Women can be strong and do any sport and recreational activity they choose but this doesn’t change who they are. There is more to femininity than the narrow stereotypical views.”

Deborah Acason (Lovely) BCrim (Hons) LLB (Hons)
Binary Australia