De-transitioning on Channel 7’s Spotlight is a must watch

This is a must watch!

Channel 7’s Spotlight program titled “De-transitioning” is one of the most confronting, powerful, sad and hope-filled documentaries yet to screen in Australia.

First-hand accounts from American teen Chloe Cole, and Australian women Courtney Coulsen and Mel Jeffries are utterly heart-wrenching. 

Females who were sold the lie that if they took drugs and underwent body mutilation surgery they would find relief from their discomfort, trauma or confusion. 

They did not. 

No amount of drugs or surgery can turn them into males.

Newcastle parents Jude and John share their harrowing experience of their daughter being led down the affirmation-pathway by school staff and medical practitioners who refused to address underlying issues and labelled the parents as ‘bigots’ and ‘transphobes.’

Dr Dylan Wilson and Dr Jillian Spencer share their expert opinions about the serious harm being inflicted on children in the name of this ideology. 

They expose the lies being told to families and the very serious health risks involved.

Professor Ian Hickie’s interview is infuriating. His condescending tone and refusal to acknowledge the harm is very upsetting to watch.

Victorian politician David Limbrick offers a compassionate and reasonable view about the terrible pathway his state has taken.

This program is very difficult to view. 

I shed many tears as I listened to these young people’s personal stories. 

What is more difficult though is doing nothing. 

More than 1000 Australian children are lining up for these treatments based on a lie. 

No one can change their sex. Becoming lifelong medical patients is not the solution to the confusion and distress puberty may present. 

There are much better, less invasive ways to support vulnerable children.

An immediate and urgent inquiry into gender clinic practices is required. Please add your name to the growing number of concerned Australians. Please share this petition, watch the program and encourage others to do the same.