Claire Chandler confronts the eSafety Commissioner

Senator Claire Chandler confronted, and embarrassed the eSafety Commissioner last week by asking a very simple question in an estimates hearing, ‘Are Australians allowed to call a violent male rapist who identifies their way into a women’s prison a man or a male?’

Unsurprisingly, the extremely highly paid Julie Inmam Grant refused to give a straight answer. She feigned ignorance claiming it was a ‘long bow’ and refused to answer.

It isn’t a long bow at all. There are violent males already housed in female prisons in Australia. Australian courts refer to males who wish they were female as she/her/Miss despite the trauma that causes to their victims. The eSafety Commissioner has the power, and has used it, to remove social media posts that refer to males as male, claiming that is a form of ‘misgendering.’

It is unacceptable that Inman refuses to be accountable to the Senate. 

It is unacceptable that she uses her office to penalise those she believes are guilty of ‘wrongthink.’ 

Senator Chandler has every right, and responsibility as an elected representative of the people to ask such questions. She penned this article in the Spectator expressing her reasons.

There’s a simple and important reason this question needs to be asked. And that is because the website of the eSafety Commissioner – who has the power to order anyone’s social media posts be taken down in Australia – claims that ‘misgendering’ or refusing to use preferred pronouns is an example of ‘gendered violence’ or ‘gendered hate’.

There’s a huge problem with authorities and people in positions of power making ideological statements like this. It’s a pretty basic concept that if you’re trying to explain why a male shouldn’t be in a female sport or space, you have to be actually free to say he is male.

Authorities which label ‘misgendering’ as hate speech and have the power to accept complaints and take action against it are actively contributing to the undermining of women’s single-sex spaces, sports and facilities, when they deprive us of the ability to describe a man as a man.

The eSafety Commissioner has threatened not just Australian citizens with penalties but those overseas as well, including Elon Musk. In her quest for controlling what we can say and think she has created fear among ordinary people who would otherwise speak out. Media outlets avoid the issue altogether to minimise the risk of ending up in court. We must have the courage, and decency, to speak truth for the sake of vulnerable women and children directly impacted by these policies.

This is the same Commissioner whose website labels ‘misgendering’ as hate, and the same Commissioner who has ordered news articles that accurately report on males in women’s sport must be taken down in Australia.

This is the trick gender activists have been playing for years now. Change the language, demand you comply, and then accuse you of hate and bigotry if you don’t. It’s one thing for activists to play this game, but when it comes from people with the power to limit free speech and discussion, it has catastrophic consequences for our society.